by Agostino Traini
ISBN 88-7927-521-6

printed in Colombia

paper engineer 
Massimo Missiroli

© english translation



Moka is a mountain cow.

Together with her friends, she 
spends her days wandering between the fir trees, grazing the fresh sweet-smelling grass.

One day Moka finds a coin lying on the meadow. 
"What luck!" she shouts out with joy.


"I can go on a little trip!". 
She rushes to buy a train ticket and sets off towards town.



Itís a big and beautiful town.


Moka wanders around the streets, till she arrives in front of a gate: it is the entrance to the school of hot chocolate. "I want to study in this school" she decides.

The lessons are highly interesting: a cook teaches them all the secrets to preparing a delicious hot chocolate using milk, cocoa and sugar. 

When the school year ends, Moka passes her exams with flying colours. Her report states "very good".

Moka goes back to her mountain and starts working: she prepares a lot of hot chocolate with the very best milk in the world.


"What fun it must be to go to the school of hot chocolate!" her friends sigh. Moka gives them three train tickets to town.


Moka buys a nice house and turns it into a hotel. The bedrooms are situated on the first floor, with the confectionerís below on the ground floor.  

During the snowy winter months, Moka takes some hot chocolate to the skiers.